For this week, I decided to make an accelerometer based on Neil's schematics. I plan to include this accelerometer as part of my final project, which is a quadcopter. The accelerometer will act as a tilt sensor which will help the quadcopter right itself if it ever tilts too much. This was the third circuit which I've milled on the Roland, so I didn't encounter any difficulties when milling.

I also benefited from experience when stuffing the board. This week, I finally learned how to solder properly by heating up the joint before applying the solder. This ensured that the solder properly flowed around the joint and made a good connection. The special components that I had to include were the ADXL343 accelerometer, which is a 3-axis accelerometer, and a LDO regulator IC. The LDO regulator, or low-dropout regulator, is a DC voltage regulator which maintains a steady voltage.