Assignment 0

make visualizations (2d, 3d) of a final project idea

There were 2 ideas I was particularly excited about for now - though I'm not sure if these will end up being my final project. The first is for personal space.
Ideally, it would be a wearable device sort of like a belt. If someone is detected to pass a threshold, and is invading your personal space, the belt would activate, and expand like an umbrella, with an elastic band around it. An LED light array would rotate around the expanded form saying "personal space" while alarms or other audio plays until the invader has receded.
Last semester, I took 4.341 (Photography!). We heavily used film cameras in the class, which meant long nights at the dark room waiting for photos to develop, and testing numerous exposures on each photo I wanted to print one a time until I found the right one. What if you could print a perfectly exposed image in an automated way, without having to manually go through all the steps?
A light printer could, at some resolution, expose a photosensitive material with light based on its own calibration (no more guesswork!), and then iteratively spray photodeveloping chemicals based on the proper timings and saturation needed to develop images. Here's a quick sample of how I envision at least part of it:
I'm not entirely sure how the chemicals would be managed but I imagine a mechanical structure can apply pressure to spray bottles while those move accross the paper.