This week, I spent most of my time working on my final project as that requires more electronics work so I did an output device that meshes with my final project. In this case, I need some sort of auditory warning for my sensing systems that can either alert me or nearby pedestrians of a impending collision. For this I simply modified my existing Hall Effect board to add a speaker.

The end goal of this board is to allow for sensing of the rotational speed of the wheel as well as a forward facing output for the audio system. These systems do not necissarily need to be colocated, however given that I already had a board mounted somewhere on the wheel, it made sense it made sense to add the output device to it.

I modified the design of the Input Devices board by adding an additional jack and a P-Channel MOSFET in CircuitMaker. I also added a spot for a regulator, however I decided not to populate it for this iteration as I already had the 5V cable harness designed. Manufacturing went smoothly other than when I tried to use an already broken 1/64" bit on the shopbot.


My code was a combination of the existing I2c code from the input devices week coupled with Neil's speaker code. I eventually got the ATTiny to output a sound wave when a message was sent over I2c.