The final iteration of my final project is a blindspot detector for my bike. I will be using radar modules to detect objects moving behind the bike. The blindspot detections will be displayed using a RGB LED strip to display the results

I have currently milled the PCB board for the big radar which gives angle information. Ideally, I can finish the coding in the next day or so. However, should something go wrong with the signal processing on the big radar, I have a smaller radar module that I have tested and can use instead.

Over the weekend, I will 3D print the radome and use the molds I made for the molding and casting week to make the mounts for the bike. Finally, I will encase the LED board in a clear/translucent mold to weatherproof it.

Electroplating of vias in board.
Big radar board.
Smaller working radar.
Board for radar.