TV Stand

I decided to make a stand for my living room as the current TV stand was too short to see the TV over the table.


I at first started with several very complex designs that included special shelving. However, when I thought about fabricating them, I realized they would take way too much material. Instead, I settled for a simple arch.

First Cuts

After putting the file into 123D Make, I was able to quickly make an OSB test.


Since I wanted this to support a expensive TV as well as look nice, I opted to purchase nicer plywood. Xiaomeng and I went to Home Depot and found some very nice Poplar AA 3/4" plywood for $40 per 4x8' sheet.

Unfortunately, getting the plywood home was not as easy as anticipated. After getting the boards cut into 4x4' panels we tried to fit them in the Zipcar and as it turned out they didn't fit. We tried calling an UberXL and were also unable to get it to fit.

We ended up having to come back the next morning with a UHaul and were then able to get it back.

Final Construction