Week 12


Design and build a wired &/or wireless network connecting at least two processors

the Coloroid color system: a color space developed between 1962 and 1980 in Hungary by Antal Nemcsicsin an attempt to model a perpetually uniform color system – the main attributes of the classification system are luminosity, saturation, and hue
Antoine Pevsner: 1886-1962 a pioneers of twentieth-century sculpture, was known for working with metal and the first to use a blowtorch, wrote the Realist Manifesto with his brother Naum Gabo
Linear-feedback shift register(LFSR): a means of generating pseudo random numbers, in which a sequence is produced that is with a linear relationship to its previous state

Microphone meets Speaker

This week I sought out to socialize my speaker board with my microphone board. To do so, decide to use the asynchronous serial bus method (aka the easy way). It was by no means an easy feat yet I think I got something. Well, I am able to generate a random sound on my speaker board using the amplitude levels perceived by my microphone.

The work flow is such that the arduino reads in the serial data from the microphone and sends it along its Tx line. Meanwhile, serial is also instatiated on the speaker board which interperts the signal and produces a sound at a frequency ten times the singal. My next steps are to make sense to the serial data, akin to what Neil has done in python in the input devices chapter.