Week 6


Read a microcontroller data sheet
Program board from previous week to do something

discritization: transfer of a continous entity into discrete counterparts
Schwarz–Christoffel mapping: conformal transformation of the upper half-plane onto the interior of a polygon
PSoC (Programmable System-on-Chip): family of microcontroller intergraded circuits – good for analog requirements
GPIO (General-purpose input/output): a generic pin whose behavior is controllable by user at run time
PWM (Pulse-width modulation): encodes a message into a pulsating signal, its main use is to control the power supplied to to electrical devices
Duty cycle: percentage of a period in which a signal is active
Auxetics: structures or materials that have a negative Poisson's ratio, thus becoming thicker perpendicular to the force applied
Catmull–Clark algorithm: a technique used primarily in computer graphics to create a amooth surface by subdivision


I created two programs this week – one to turn on an LED when pressing a button and the other to echo a phrase typed out into the console. I also attempted to mill Morti (the custom circuit board), alas to no avail.