Week 8


Measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board that you have designed and read it

Iannis Xenakis: (1922-2001) Greek-French composer, music theorist, architect, and engineer who notably worked with Le Corbusier as an illegal immigrant in Paris he also pioneered the use of mathematical models in music and was a influence in the development of electronic/computer music
artikulation: is an electronic composition by György Ligeti created in 1958, the piece was in a sense an artificial language
théâtrophone: "the theatre phone" telephonic distribution system available in portions of Europe that allowed the subscribers to listen to opera and theatre performances over the telephone lines the device evolved in 1881 and commercialized in 1932
Bernhard Leitner: known for pioneering the practice of "sound installation" allowing space to emerge from sound
multidrop bus (MDB): a bus in which all components are connected to the electrical circuit and an arbitration process determines which device sends information at any point, while the other devices listen for data

Beats and such

For this week I chose to do an analog microphone board, with an additional LED. Designed in EAGLE, my schematic and board took substantially less time than before. Similarly, the milling and soldering was smooth sailing. Until...
I realized (only after my board was completely finished) that one of the traces was improperly cut. To mitigate this issue I turned to my trusty friend - the X-Acto Knife. Yet despite my best intentions I cut the wrong trace. Dismayed at first, I hacked my way through it. Since the trace was under the microchip, neither a jumper wire nor 0 ohm resistor would do so I improvised by adding a piece of copper.

Using the code posted on the website I was able to successfully program the board.

My next steps are to attain a better understanding of python script and the information being sent through serial. From there I would like to configure the LED to light up once a certain threshhold of sound is reached. All efforts moving toward developing a beat recognition algorithm for my final project.