Week 9


Read the material safety data sheet (MSDS) and technical data sheet (TDS) for the resins that you're using Design and fabricate a 3D mold (~ft2) and produce a fiber composite part in it

autocorrelation: correlation of a signal to itself at various points in time – similarity between observations as a function of a time lag between them, useful for finding patterns
Georges Perec: (1936-1982) was a French novelist, filmmaker, documentalist, and essayist his work is rooted in experimental word play, lists and attempts at classification
Ouvroir de littérature potentielle (Oulipo): "workshop of potential literature" was a collection of French writers and mathematicians who sought to create works using constrained writing techniques (e.g. poetry by algorithm), it was founded in 1960 with Perec being one of the prominent members


Inspired by the work of Amir Karimpour, I decided to experiement with Maya to create an interesting form for my composite.
Overall, this week was lacking in failure. Everything came together nicely - from the machining on a Shopbot, which was a breeze, down to the finished fibers. Since the purpose of the work was mostly aesthetic, I opted for linen in favor of burlap, which I dry fitted by making a few incisions lining the crevices beforehand. The form came out beautifully with a resolution so fine that even the toolpath was apparent.