Week Zero: Who, what, why?

What’s this site about, and what I’ll be posting.

How I ended up here

The first year of HBS is called RC year; RC stands for “Required Curriculum”, meaning we don’t get to choose any classes. On the positive side I learned about marketing, accounting, finance and more, but I missed coding. I missed it so much, I co-founded CODE@HBS with some friends.

The Second year, EC (or: Elective Curriculum) year, allows for cross-registration in other universities. So I had a good chat with a friend from the Technion who is now at MIT and asked him which is the one class I should take as a cross-registrant. He did not even hesitate and said I should try How to Make (almost) Anything. So here I am; this is not a Blog per se, even though it may turn out to be one. For now, mostly because of time constraints, I’ll be posting about my project.

Written on September 9, 2016