Harnek Gulati

Hi! My name is Harnek Gulati, a senior computer scientist here at Harvard University. I love building things and can't wait to learn from everyone her ein this class. This website has been thanks to Brian Plancher, so if our websites look similar, it's because he's a total bro. Back to me now, I'm from Colorado and do most of my documentation on Powerpoint. I started off computer science, but now I absolutely love Electrical Engineering. I can't wait to get done with all this work.

You can find out more about me by checking out all the projects!


Where we build Andrew's birthday Present

Week 2: Laser Cutting and Vinyl Cutter

Where we build Ariel's Present and fix single gender issues.

Week 3: Soldering the ISP

Where we build a microcontroller that codes a microcontroller that codes a ...

Week 4: 3D Printing

All I do is print print print no matter what

Week 5: Electronic board making: ANOTHER ONE

Starting my nest in EAGLE

Week 6: Make something big

Making something bigger than my mad gains

Week 7: Launching into C

Going way over my head

Week 8: Molding poke-balls


Week 9: Making Circuits that never work

A Harnek specialty

Week 10: Trying not to suck at composites

Spoiler: I sucked at composites.

Week 11: Working with a large amount of LEDs on a coin-cell battery

Moving into the atxmega environment.

Week 12: Processing Sketch

Lots of credit goes to the PulseSensor guys!

Week 13: Networking

Building a cooler network than I did in my networking class

Week 14: Machine Building

Machines out of cardboard. Who would've thought?