How to Make (Almost) Anything

I started by combining two boards. The networking board and the RGB board.


My board in Eagle ...


Started to draw out my ports to see how they would connect

My Port Connection

When hall sensor > 3 volt turn on PB2 When PB3 does something turn on PB4

RGB: When PB3 is high then turn on PB4


My preferred way to Code

Cut the burlap sheet and Ironed them

Laser Cut

After Ironing the Burlap I laser cut them for consistent sizes and cleaner edges

Left it in this air tight bag for 24hrs

First Connect

Tested my board on small led and it was succesful

Very happy with results

Shaping Board

Sanded down edges and cut the front to shape the board.

Programmed the vinyl hall sensor


Laser cut some art into the grip tape of my skateboard had a few test runs before I cut.

I used the drill press to place my holes for the skateboard base. After the first drill I would use screws to position the other sides

Places Boards

Used 3d printed pieces to hold my two boards and battery in place. Used a hot glue gun

Cut the LED lights and used hot glue to connect batter, hall sensor, RGB/networking board and LED strips


Placed Three LED strips and connected them.

Comparing my first attempt during composites week and my scond attempt for the final project


Vinyl cut another magnet board just in case I would need the flexibilit on my skateboard. It was successful.