How to Make (Almost) Anything- Mark Kabban

Project 01
Final Project

Idea 1
Refugee Welcome Juke Box:
In the 2016 fiscal year the US admitted 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States. In an upresidented move over 38 governers publicly stated that Syrian refugees were not welcomed into their states. I want to create a moveable public jukebox/booth where people can record a twenty second message welcoming Syrian refugees to the states. In return a laser printed piece will be dispensed with a poem from poets who immigrated to the US like Khalil Gibran,
Challenge: How to have the pre-cut laser poems dispensed. Other challenge: how to physically create the booth with the mechanics like buttons and ports for recording

Idea 2
Refugee Boards: One big challenge with refugee integration is transportation. Would like to build high quality and safe skateboards for refugee youth who are part of after school programs and need a way to get back and forth between home and places like soccer practice. This board will have lights to be seen at night and a way to track distance travelled on the board.
Problem: creating the deck from material that is durable and cost effective. Creating trucks that are strong enough to handle long rides. Can I 3d print wheels that are safe and pragmatic? Mostly ones that are safe.