How to Make (Almost) Anything

I took the opportunity to work towards my final project again. I'm making a skateboard deck. WIth the help of Tiffany (class TF) and fellow skateboard enthusiast. I considered the different ways of making a skateboard deck. I even looked at th waffle/laser cut designs

Fusion Design

I settled on making the design in Fusion and to mill it on a foam cut out. It was a very simple design ...

Shop Bot

Used the desktop shop bot and used a quartern inch tool bit


I first wrapped the deck in a plastic wrap and taped it as tight as I could.


Then I took this friendly spike stick and made holes in another plastic bag


I cut out Polyster in the same size as the fabric and I placed it on the the very top of the layer. Mix
I used the bio mix. It was one pump of B mix and two pumps of A mix


I put the piece in the plastic bag and vacummed it while slowly tightening it up. Waited 10 minutes to see if it sealed correctly