How to Make (Almost) Anything

I took the opportunity to work towards my final project again. I'm making a skateboard deck and wanted to cover it with LED lights. This week I did the RGB LED. I designed my own board on Eagle. I'm getting pretty good on Eagle because I have been using it consistently the past few weeks. I milled it on the shopbot which is my prefered machine to mill boards on.


On my first two attempts the computer did not recognize my board. It turned out that it was just a simple soldering job. I went through a couple of times and put in extra solder in all my components. For some reason when I plugged in my board the LED light was turning on. ...


I was happy with how easy this part was. Put in the make file and it worked. I was powering the light with a 9 volt battery.

Changing Lights

Thought it was cool when you shook the board rapidly you could see all the colors of the LED. This is a bad picture but it was a nice effect. I plan on designing these into Turtle shaped boards and milling them for my final project.