How to Make (Almost) Anything

A few weeks ago when I used Fusion to create my soapbox I did not use the parametric functions. This time around I took the opportunity to use parametric design. I was able to control my wood thinckness, length, width. Everytime I changed something it all automatically adjusted. This made everything smooth during my iterations.


I had a difficult time getting my toolpath. Especially for such a simple design. When I would try to join them together it showed extra vectors. I finally figured out that the sketch loaded up twice and I had to delete one of them. This also was not so straight forward. ...

Laser Test

I attempted to do my stool first by laser cut. This is actually how I realized that my file loaded up twice because the laser went over my circle twice.


I used a 1/4 bit. My board was a bit warped so I put extra screws to hold it down. I had to learn how to Z the machine. Then turn on the vacum, turn the key, and put on my safety gear. On the first cut, everything seemed to go pretty smooth.


Was very happy that my dog fillets worked. It was actually a perfect fit. This would of been nearly impossible without doing it parametrically.

9 hours later@Home

Even though it is strong enough to sit on, I'd rather utilize it for lighter objects. I'll buy plywood to make better versions of it. Was nice to have watching WestWorld on HBO.