How to Make (Almost) Anything

Decided to make Pichu which is the teenage version of Picachu the main pokemon from the cartoon series. I designed Pichu in Fusion 360. Created Pathways for teh liquid to enter from. Which also allows for air to circulate


Split the image in half for the two part mold and added tabs too for the two piece mold to fit when casting. ...

Shop Bot

In the shop box works 3d I put the settings and loaded several different cut and tool pathways.


This is a picture of the toolpath


Used the shop both to mill both sides and it came out very nice


I used this machine to pull out all the possible air bubbles from the Oomoo. This is a nice step to take so when you're pooring the oomo later it does not give you too much trouble. Pour
Was fortunate to not have any air bubbles. I poured it very carefully and at an angle. The results were as good as I hoped for.


Used some baby powder to coat the mold for a surface with less blemishes and less acne

Metal Case

The metal poured very nicely and it cooled very quickly. Was able to snap the extra pieces and file the nubs off.


Compare the two; one with baby powder and the other did not. IT makes a big difference to use the powder