Alex Krasser: Former actor. Future educational designer. Currently confused.

This is the course in which Alex learns how to tell a computer how to make things more precisely than he can with just his two hands and some shop tools.

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Index of Projects

Final Project

Experiential Astronomy: Stellar Fusion

Week 0 - 13: Evolving Thoughts on Final Prohject

Project brainstorming and mental iterations

Week 1a: Laser-Cutting

A Press-Fit Cardboard Construction Kit

Week 1b: Getting set up with HTML

The Website

Week 2: Electronics Production

A programmable programmer gets programmed

Week 3: 3D Printing and Scanning

Power-system carriage and some 3D Scans

Project 4: Electronics Design

Hello, Circuit Design Programs

Week 5: Computer-Controlled Cutting

A Shelf

Week 6: Embedded Programming

Button Press --> LED goes on

Week 7: Molding and Casting

Molding and Casting stuff!

Week 8: Input Devices

Step-response, soon-to-be force sensor

Week 9: Composites:

A linen composite bedside tray

Week 10: Outputs

Hypnotic RGB

Week 11: Interface and Application Programming

Errr ... yeah, programming

Week 12: Networking

Net: worked ...

Week 13: Make a Machine that Makes

I'm just a cog in the machine that makes a machine that makes.