Week 6: Computer Controlled Machining

© Jessica Pointing


This week, I made a wine glass and wine bottle holder by using computer-controlled machining with the Shopbot on oriented strand board (OSB).

Phase 1: Designing the object

To design the object, I used AutoDesk Fusion 360.The cool thing about AutoDesk is that it is completely free for students!

First, I created a paper design of the object in 2D. Since my object is small, I made the paper design the correct size (i.e. a ratio of 1:1). Also, I only drew half of the object, because the object is symmetrical and Autodesk will allow us to mirror the other half.

Paper design of object
Designing in autodesk

Using Autodesk: Check out this video on how I made the wine glass/bottle holder in Autodesk:

Phase 2: Building the object

  1. Export the object to an .stl file
  2. Upload the .stl to the shopbot software
  3. Check the settings on the software
  4. Drill the OSB onto the sacrificial board of the shopbot (to keep it in place)
    OSB drilled on sacrificial board
  5. Zero the x,y,z axes in the shopbot software
  6. Run it!

Finished object
Wine and wine glass holder!


  • To securely hold the wine glass, I created a chamfer for the two holes. This meant that we had to change the bit that was used to cut. In order to do this, I first uploaded an stl with the holes with the smallest diameter and cut that using the normal bit. Then, I uploaded another .stl with the diameter of the larger holes and used the angled larger bit.
    Using the chamfer bit
  • The first design I made had rough edges. To smoothen the edges, I actually used the bit that I used for the chamfer on the whole board!
    Comparing the objects with (right) and without (left) chamfer