Week CERO {and Beyond}

Final Project Ideations

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September __ , 2016

This week's topic was to begin formulating an idea for our final project and work to model it using any software of our choice. After downloading, playing around, and making attempts to model, I found myself most comfortable in GIMP and Inkscape, with intrigue building to use Antimony and Rhino/Grasshopper.

My ideas, naturally as you will come to see, heavily involve notions of conceiving of the world and different ways of looking and observing the world.


E.G.O. Pod

Earthly Geospatial Observatory

'See Yourself in the World'

An interactive and dynamic learning tool designed for middle school aged children (and me!) to connect notions of geography, spatial awareness, seasonal patterns, and time. By making learning real-world specific and relevant, EGO Pod is focused on the variability of the learner. With interactive tools managed from both inside and out, this pod is useful for teaching and self-directed learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

This is the very basic 2D and 3D modelling rendered through the program Rhino that I was able to render, all while getting used to this sort of software--from the interface to the ridiculous amount of commands and features.

Despite the fact that this image is rather painstakingly plain, try to image this as the shell, with an overlay of light, motion, sensitivity to touch, and even sound. With such dynamism, the goal is for this product is to hold use across variations of ability and styles of learning.

October 11, 2016

Bilingual Word Clock

So I decided to change my idea completely, mostly due to feasibility, scale and personal use. So, what I want to create is a Bilingual Word Clock. The letter plates are glass with vinyl cut lettering underneath and would have magnets attached to it, thus easily removable.

This idea is in no way new, but it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. The cheapest one you can find on Amazon is 75$, but those of higher quality range between $400 to $1200, for a 45x45cm object! So, my goal is to make a functional Bilingual Word Clock (in English adn Spanish) where the production cost is well under this price, and