Machine Design

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Our Machine

This week, I was able to collaborate with students throughout the entire course to develop a machine that functions for our desired choice. Our work flow incorporated splitting up each individual into a series of smaller groups for production and assembly--Laser Cutting the physical components, Packaging, Electronics Design, and Software. Ultimately, however, our group ended up developing a machine that creates

My Role

Naturally, my skillset went to the first two groups, where I supported primarily with the laser cutter and assembly portion. Despite the fact that I was unable to capture images myself (take this as the fact that I was v hard at work), here are some image of me in the process courtesy of co-students, Mark and Saul (Video).

The grey sweater--that's me, working and then supervising/waiting for other teammates to finish their assembly so we could bring it to its fullest form.


This week was an interesting week, but slightly oddly placed and logistically difficult to organize. We spent around 3 hours or so working on building the physical structure, and the systems team focused on the electronics and software side. And after this moment, our machine went off--although I was never able to see the full machine realized, it definitely was a fascinating process to be a part of.

To Neil's point, I can definitely see why it holds this placement. Each of these weeks serve as a simple introduction. In particular, beginning to think more concretely about feasible system integration was really important and helpful.