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The Process and The Print

Challenge 1: Scanning my Hand

When introduced to all of the possibilities of scanning, I was rather excited. Unfortuantely, time permitted me to only use Sense, which was rather fun! The difficulty in this had to do with: Light Reflection: Skin Versus Leather

Each time I tried to scan my hand (both on my own and with the help of a classmate), it failed. The sensor would lose track of the hand I was trying to scan. HandyDandy Rob suggested we try using a leather glove that was laying around, and the first time scanning, VOILA!

Challenge 2: 3D Modeling

After a particularly useful mini-tutorial on Fusion360 (and the debate continues between Fusion360 v Rhino/Grasshopper v Antimony and external supports), from a lovely TA, I was feeling rather confident in the possibilities of my ability. And, of course, I got stuck. Specifically on creating the arch. There were continuous errors based upon the angle to which I was trying to sweep my rectangular base. I tried to change the curve, the shape of the base, and continued to fail.

What finally worked was when I used the arc of a circle to define my arch. I decided to use this and continue on, at this point choosing to modify my design from ths awesome politically-charged idea in my mind, to something more basic, where I could ensure that the entire process was not hindered.