This model is for the a for hybrid formations interdisciplinary design in GSD

End product intended for aluminium shaping

Decided to use this occasion to make a mock up with wood


Digital modelling

Making the waffel

Preparing the file





The holes are troublesome, since they will fly out. But too small for tabs

A fly is a fan of the cut

The tolerance is 2mm. at 13mm. It is very lose. Easy to slide in

Board B stopped in the middle of the cut for unknown reasons. Hence I have marked down the line number that it stopped in

This is a top in the room

Trying to assemble it

If I were to do it again, I would remember to make the non central spine rest on the ribs to avoid falling off

The cantilever is achieved by adding a base to the structure


It is made with square brackets found is the shop.



Used: Rhino3d

MakerCNC machine