Final Project & 3D Modeling


I had trouble choosing one final project. For my research at Tufts I am currently working on two toys for children, so I started with both of them. The main purpose of this assignment was to get used to modeling tools and begin to think about an appropriately scoped project. I had just gotten a Wacom One. I figured this was a good time to test it out. Below are sketches, done with my tablet in Photoshop, for both the Sit-on-top KIBO idea and the Curious Construction Kit.

















The Wacom took some getting used to but I think it will end up being helpful (IÕve since used it to draw shapes for my press fit kit). I used it in both Photoshop (raster drawing) and Illustrator (vector drawing). The difference in experience was minimal. Illustrator made some of my curves smoother.


I then decided for the purpose of 3D modeling I would try to make all the components of the CCK. I tried to use Fusion360, its likeness to Inventor was more frustrating then helpful. So I dusted off my ThinkPad and fired up Inventor. I made some part files and then started assembling them. It has been a long time since I used inventor and forgot to ground my first part. By the end of my assembly parts were flying all over the place.





Description: Macintosh HD:Users:NedlamAdmin:Desktop:HowToMake:Modeling Project:ScreenShotsForFinal:120connect.png


120 degree connector

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:NedlamAdmin:Desktop:HowToMake:Modeling Project:ScreenShotsForFinal:BrainCover.png


Cover for brain


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:NedlamAdmin:Desktop:HowToMake:Modeling Project:ScreenShotsForFinal:motorPanel.png


Motor panel without attachment


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:NedlamAdmin:Desktop:HowToMake:Modeling Project:ScreenShotsForFinal:Assm1.png

One view of crooked assembly


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:NedlamAdmin:Desktop:HowToMake:Modeling Project:ScreenShotsForFinal:Assm2.png


Another view of crooked assembly


This is the first prototype of the CCK from last semester, arranged differently than the model


Actual Final project proposal


As I am already working on both of these projects and hope to use the following weeks to work on specific features. I would like to propose my final project to be the glowster. An idea I have had for a while. On the weekends I am a bartender and I have run into the problem of not knowing how much beer is left in a bottle. The glowster would be a glowing coaster that shoots light up into the bottle illuminating the beer and allowing the bartender to see how much is left from a distance. It could also be pressure sensitive and change colors based on how much is left. Bellow are some initial drawings (Wacom). Yellow represents an etched acrylic surface, and blue arrows represent LEDs.