This site is built in the course MAS.863 How to make (almost) anything at MIT media lab, fall 2016.

I'm a second-year MDes Technology student at the GSD with an architecture background (BArch and MArch) and a two-year study in automation department in college. My work spans across buildings, installations, artifacts, teaching; and more recently, wearable optical instruments, projections, and robots, exploring atmospheric perceptual interactions between human body and the built environment.

I'm obsessed with making, and the integration of technology and tools to create poetic innovations across scales. The desire of making fluid interfaces, elegant and precise details, and much more, always motivates me to learn knowledges and techniques across platforms. Progress I'm making in HTMAA class is documented through each post of the weekly projects. Hope you find something enjoyable, as I'm having tremendous fun doing the work.