Elizabeth Carré

Week 6: Computer-Controlled Machining/b>



For this project I was make furniture for my apartment that could be easily deconstructed and moved in case of a future move. Not being very familiar with rhino 3-D software I decided to take a template from open desk’s open source files and adjust one of the files to benefit my room. The objective was to make a bookcase that my television speakers video game systems (Xbox 360 and PS4 in any future game system to come) could comfortably sit alongside books. So I began with downloading both rhino ( in order to take the template and redesign it for myself) and the files and proceeded to adjust them with help and instruction from one of the studio assistance at N 51, by the name of Alex. is really helpful and persistent in telling me what was the appropriate commands, how to cut-and-paste, how to set metrics, and how the precision modes and rhino were more beneficial to project making then illustrator, purely because the commands a more direct, rather than searching through the settings in order to get the same kind of precision you would get an illustrator.

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Canoeing again What a beautiful day!


I also had to buy material for myself, the material that was offered for free is brittle and while it is versatile in its own respect, with the right kind of varnish and polyurethane finish, I felt like a birch plywood would better suit the core of my house, and be a little more durable when faced with the challenge of holding up a year’s worth of book collecting from my time working at Penguin Publishing. After having cut out the first bookcase which you can see here in this image, I discovered that there was a few design flaws with my personal re-design. back panels I chose to use an OBC particle would, however I discovered that the back panels were used also a support to keep the bookcase from wobbling too much. Knowing this I have to be aware of how brittle the material is when setting it in, and how brittle it is when it comes to installing into a bookcase. Eventually the OBC I had purchased, and the obesity that was available to me wasn't enough and broke first on the CNC bed, and then the boards that I could salvage broke again when building the bookcase. I was successful in milling out of desk as well to replace the desk that I have already ( it's two sawhorses and some plywood drilled together for security). Over all I would say that I was successful in learning basic rhino interaction, and milling practices. However it was quite a herring feet scheduling three days in a row to mill, repeatedly before someone actually put me on their calendar for an appointment for weeks after the assignment was initially do.