Elizabeth Carré

Week 7: Embedded Programming



For this project I started by looking at the board we were supposed to redesign and taking it into Adobe Illustrator. I adjusted the length of some of the traces to make room for my hands while I solder and hopefully in the future to make room for other components that I could possibly use for my future project. However I found that the traces I made were too narrow, and as a result I shorted out three wood boards and mold from my own design that made it impossible for me to complete the project. at some point during a soldering, I left the heat on to hot and melted the glue that adhered the copper plating to the plastic.

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I went the page of of previous student to find a board that I knew that worked, and discovered that the traces were thicker and closer together. Rather than waste time and try to redesign of PNG eyebrow the design I found off the suggested webpage, and milled that and proceeded to solder. This demo successful, with no missing copper coding, no missing traces from being too thin, and all the connections were clean enough that I did not have to know another board, a program successfully and I was able to get the board to blink.

A boy surrounded by beautiful nature
Quiet day at the beach. Cold, but beautiful
Canoeing again