MAS.863:How To Make ( almost ) Anything

Computer aided design
Digital Orchestra - A machine for musical collaboration

This project proposal involves mechanical instruments which play variations on a user input in real time. An example instrument might be a box with tight strings that are struck using a servo. These instruments would be positioned in a space similar to an orchestra, and a user would stand in front and interact with the instruments via a small synthesizer or keyboard. Each module would then independently decode the user’s input using a microcontroller and output a variation.

I aimed some of the weekly projects toward implementing ideas from the final project. In molding and casting week, I made a piano hammer and tested its mechanical properties, in order to use it in the individual machines, similarly my teammate andrew bahle focused on making plates that have different resonant frequencies.

during the output devices week we worked on making a hammer from wood that is pulled by the solenoid in order to tap on the a plate with specific resonance frequency.