MAS.863:How To Make ( almost ) Anything

Machine Design
Vango: a robot painter

For this week I worked with the arch team for designing a machine based on Jakes work. I was a part of brainstorming to come up with a variant of the machine that has new functionality. Afterward I joined the mechanical design and manufacturing team. Briefly we worked on modifying the design of the machine to paint on the ground. we modified the movement such that it has infinite motion in one degrees of freedom. One of the ideas that we worked on was to have 2 wheels on the back and one free wheel on the front. The difference in the back wheel rotations would create turning. However we realized that the wheel can go over the paint!

For the final design we modified the design, taking into consideration how the weight can be distributed, how the movement of the wheel can be separated from the body, and how the painter can be integrated to the bar. For the weight we redistributed the weight of the power source with the motors, and we designed ball bearing (similar to mcMaster Carr) to encapsulate the shaft of the motor, thus separating them from the body. Please find more information on the web page for the week.