MAS.863:How To Make ( almost ) Anything

3D printing and scanning
3D scanning

In this part I decided to scan an apple! given the small size of the apple I decided to hang it from the ceiling to get a better 3D image. First try was was with normal lighting conditions. I couldn't get reliable detection, so I decided to add extra non symmetrical features to the object to have a better detection. I then removed the extra object in the program.

After multiple trial I was able to get a stable 3d image of the object. Some post processing was necessary to correct for the holes, rope and the attached object to the rope. even though the resolution of the sensor is below 1mm (according to the technical sheet) I did not get such resolution

Next I decided to modify the surface of the object or the background to bring the resolution closer to device limits. I first tried adding visual marker to make the object more distinguishable, however this did not help! I also tried separating the background, sacrificing the full 3d imaging, and got similar results.

3D printing

For the 3D printing I decided to make a part with moving subcomponents, in order to test the accuracy of the printer and design. first design had more curves and angle changes.

Even though the print started fine, after about 10 mins, the beam started to tangled up and I had to remove the part. After the failure I change the design to make the structure less complex and flatten the edges.

The second print run without any major problem and the final part had components that easily moved together and were close enough that there weren't any obvious wobbling.