Jaclyn Berry

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Alert Cap

What is It?

Alert Cap is a specialized safety helmet that lets you stay connected with your mobile device while protecting you from, well, everything.

Why Do I Need It?

Do you ever feel like you can't leave your phone for even a minute without missing a critical Snap from your bff down the hall? Or how about that important chat conversation with your S.O. while walking to your office brunch? Well, not to fear, Alert Cap is here. Instead of feeling pressured to put your phone away when walking down the street, Alert Cap lets you stay plugged in at all times. You will never have to look up from your tiny mobile screen again.

How Does It Work?

Alert Cap is equipped with a a top of the line siren and proximity sensors to let everyone around you know that you are spatially unaware and they should WATCH OUT. As soon as anything (person, telephone pole, stoplight, etc.) gets too close, the siren with blast wailing noises and flash an obnoxious red light. Alert Cap lets you use your phone nonstop and frees you of any blame if, by awful occurence, you run into something. Plus it protects your head!

Bonus features include a front-facing camera, so if an object gets close to your face, you can see it coming on your mobile display.

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