Making A Programmer

--Sorry for the blurry images, ill try to make them better for next time.--
This week I worked on making a programmer. This was a super fun excercise and I discovered that I love soldering even though I got burned quite a few times.
So ealy on in the week, the TA's showed us a group how to set the mills and drillbits so that we would not break them and mill our boards effectively. Then a few days later I came back and tried my hand at milling.
Skipping ahead past the annoying failiures and hours of trying to tape the copper board right and getting the right coordinates and drillbit height, I finally got my 4 boards milled. The reason I milled four is because I know that I would screw up while souldering and as it turns out, I screwed up all the first 3 boards and finally got the 4 one right. Never heard of 4th ones the charm but I guess it is what it is.
Here I have my 'polished' souldered board.
Excited, that I finally got it right, I plugged it into the computer in order to program it. Once, I saw the red LED I was ecstastic and I was anxious to go home.
Finnaly I finished my board, and I decided to test it on someone elses board and it was a success. I was very pleased with this lab and would love to do things like this in the future.