Week 01
Vinyl Cutter

For this assignment I wanted to make a bag in the shape of a house. The goal is to expirement with patterning on multiple levels - first as a way to etch a pattern as a facade in cardboard - while the second was to cut the cardboard in a way that allowed it to bend and flex.

Ultimately it did turn out succesfull - the time commitment to watch the lasercutter cut the facade patterns greatly exceeded what I was expecting. One thing I was not able to master is the order or direction that the lasercutter cuts in. It would at many times etch one little line, then move across the to the other side to cut another little line - the order of cuts seemed random. I would be interested in figuring out the relationship from Rhino to the Lasercutter. I had an assumption that it would cut based on when the line was drawn in rhino - if I produced the facade across in order that the laser cutting would cut in order greatly reducing the time it took for the lasercutter to move across the cutting plane - unfortunately my assuption was incorrect and I was not able to reduce the cutting time.

To test the vinyl cutter - I cut a silhouette of a plane. The mods program was quite simple and the entire process too less than a minute.