3D Scanning
& Printing

Week 03

For 3D scanning and printing week I decided to print a range of houses that I have been exploring. This is sort of a continuation from the work done in the first week with 3D Controlled Cutting. The houses were all produced and designed within Rhino 3d Modeling program by Mcneel. The houses were

I really really really love the ease of the sindoh printers. I never liked the makerbot printers as they really always sit in offices as paperweights since they always break, are very un-user-friendly and just are terrible. The Sindoh was so easy to use, so simple to print and provided almost no errors. I really wish the architecture shop had many more.

Attempting the scan the 3d printed house with any consistency was really a lost cause. Like the sindoh - the scanning capabilities offered by the architecture shop are simple and easy to do, but the abilities o the scanner just are not present enough to be of any use. I actually found this assignment quite pointless as unless the tools provided for this week I believe are only ever used to do this assignment as the resolution is unusable for anything else.