Week 04


I started the assignment by downloading and installing Eagle - which was recently acquired by Autodesk. Eagle is split into two parts, the Schematic and the Board (Routing) windows. In the schematic interface, the placement of each individual component is not so important. What we are looking for in the program is the connection between the components and the micro-controller. Schematic is where you just place all the components that you need into the window. It was quite confusing the reason and order of the components and it is something that I must learn in the coming weeks, the basic of electrical design.

The tricky part in Eagle that I am still understanding is the routing on the Board side of the program. Specifically changes the steps between the snaps - tryign to route the traces of the copper between the components is sort of like solving a puzzle - perhaps I should get better as solving puzzles.

Programming the board using the Atmel ICE is always giving me problems, sometimes it just works, sometimes it just doesn't - and when it doesn't you are left unknown as to why. Justin was helpful in informing us that some of the wiring for the specific component has to be changed as it doesn't work. Overall this week was one that wasn't so creative - and it is just furthing my knowledge of electronics - though now I am beginning to feel a bit lost - so much to learn and so little time.