Molding &

Week 07

Inspiration :
Germans Ermics

Making the forms

The forms are simple geometric shapes that I produced in Rhino to cast. This project was done while traveling for an exhibition and lecture I was giving as part of a conference in Copenhagen. I was really inspired by Germans Ermics works in acrylic and wanted to do my best to recreate both his simple forms and his ability to play with color across the length of the form. The gradients are stunning and for this project I attempted to recreate it with Jell-O

Breaking the Mill

After setting up the MasterCam file - with the Help of Justin and Jen - I went to set up the wax on the milling bed in the RPL office. Jen showed me how to chagne the tool bit and when I did so I snapped the handle off of the machine.

Molding & Casting

Bubbles everywhere - I failed so badly at trying not to allow bubbles in to the silicone - but actually I was then thinking it could add a really cool effect to the final outcome so I was okay with it.

in the end the hole Jell-O idea failed miserable - while it looked good in the mold - it didn't settle correctly and it fell apart upon removal. I will in the coming weeks perhaps repeat this assignment with Food Coloring and Water - and freeze it... that should work hopefully