Kyung Yun Choi

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Week 2: Vinyl Cutting, Laser Cutting

This week, I learned how to use the vinyl cutter (GS-24 Deskatop Cutter) and the laser cutter in the MIT Media Lab machine shop. Thanks to John and Tom, I could learn the detailed process of running each machine combined with using 'mods' and CorelDraw. Also, as a group we tested the effect of different laser cutter control variables to the cardboard.

Vinyl Cutting

Make a cool sticker

I made a ditto sticker to put on laptop.

Laser Cutting

Characterizing the machine

As a group assignment, we were trying to figure out what condition of the speed, power, and frequency of laser have different effect on cutting a cardboard. So we tried to vary the cutting setting by assigning different speed and power value based on cutting line color as shown on the below picture. We found that [speed:20, power: 100%, frequency: 200] was good enough toe cut the cardboard neatly.

Idea Sketches

This week, using a cardboard and laser cutting technique, I wanted to make something have motions and manipulatable. So, I was thinking of using a linkage mechanism to make something like a kinetic lamp.

👽 🖖 3-fingered Alien Hand ! 🖖 👽

I decided to build a giant hand that can be wearable on my arm and also the fingers can be manipulated by moving my hand. I was thinking of desinging a bendable joint for finger joints and connect wires to actuate them. The bottom drawing is showing the 2D shapes of all the parts I designed using Creo for laser cutting the cardboard

Test cutting of one finger structure to check the joint tolerance