Kyung Yun Choi

Molding and Casting

Week 8: Molding and Casting

This week I learned how to use the ShopBot (Desktop) to milling the mold made of wax and cast the plaster (Drystone and Hydrostone).

ShopBot: Milling a wax mold

Training: Molding anc Casting

Miserable Bear


I found that lots of people put a sticker or tape on their laptop's camera for security reason and I thought that it would be cute/fun to put something on it which is better than the boring tape.

CAD model

I designed the CAD using Fusion360 and modeled the mold as well by slicing the bear part in a half to make two pieces of molds.

Milling the wax molds

First trial, I made a mistake to set the origin at the middle top surface of the material which I should have set as the bottom left. So the machine started to mill the wax from the shifted location.

Rough toolpath

Smooth finishing toolpath and the result.

Other version of making a mold: 3D printing the cavity

Making mold walls

Used cardboards

Casting OOMOO

Cut in a half to put them together

Casting Drystone


Result 1 : Failed

I think there were lots of air bubbled trapped inside of the molds and made a huge empty space which made this zombie-like bear.

Second trial

Final Results

Miserable bears....!

Other applications