Kyung Yun Choi

Final Project

Bubble + Fragrance Fog Machine


Retro game, Bubble Bubble! :D and Lady Gaga's outft for her cray performance.

I thought that it would be cool to have different sizes of bubble with fog that has good scent inside and give the user to feel of magic power to generate it.

Idea Sketch


Inspired by this mechanism, Iris , I designed the bubble + fog hat to have the same iris mechanism.

Quick prototyping the mechanism of bubble iris using stirngs. The inner triangle area will generate the bubble film and the size of the triange controls the bubble size.


CAD for IRIS mechanism for making variable-sized bubbles. Front, side, back side view.

Cool fitting on my head ;)


Here is the list of the materials required for building the bubble-smoke mask.
  • List of Materials
  • Fabrication

    In order to see how the fit goes with my face, I just printed the front part of the mask using Formlabs 2 using Clear resin.