Interfaces - viewing and controlling my motor controller data on the web

The goal of this week was to view and control my Brushless motor controller board through a web interface.


In order to do this, I obtained a USB-to-TTL cable to talk to my board via Serial communication (TX, RX pins). Green is TX, White is RX, Red is Vcc, Black is GND.

<image> <image>

First I had to write a short program using the Arduino Software Serial library to treat the ATTiny pins as a Serial TX and RX pins.


Make sure you plug in the TX cable to the RX of the chip, and the RX cable to the TX of the chip. Also, make sure your baud rate is visible.


Still haven't finished yet, but I hope to continue more work next week! Currently in the middle of a MIT Nanolab Training that's taking all week :/