W8: Wanted to cast aluminum bars for a mini glockenspiel set that could be played by servos. With an attachment. Not sure if this is the best way to do it or if I should cut aluminum bars. Todo: fix where holes are so that they coincide with nodal points.

Week 9: Inspired by this tutorial Eghbal and I made a solenoid driver for actuating our

W12: Used processesing to work on the input interface and streamed data from a hall sensor through the serial port. Maybe I can produce feedback from processing like distance to pitch or tempo etc.

W13: Distance to tempo converstion using sonar and a speaker. I built and coded a prototype / toy example of distance sensing speaker that changes the tempo of its melody based on distance. I want to figure out a way to use the sonar (filtered) as well as a way of seeing if it is another module which is nearby or just some random object.

todo: Finish speaker array board, cut and cast metal percussion instruments and build wooden boxes for holding instruments. Code processing interface and decide whether or not to use a physical interface. Add more sensors?