First I made a test comb to see how the width of the cardboard related to the size needed for a good fit

For the first week I decided to make a press fit bird house for my friend's bird in the shape of a dodecahedron. It is composed of pentagon pieces that can fit together to make many different shaped houses or geometrical patterns. I used Onshape to design the parts and learned how to use the constraint tools as well as the most of the basic features of the software.

I first tried making a dodecahedron with perforated edges but the laser cutter didn't cut deep enough. But this was a enought to give me a sense of how everything worked so I went to Onshape and made some little puzzle peices. I messed up the tolerances so they didn't fit together so well. In the end I made a few different size peices that


I also made a few stickers on the vinyl cutter. I tried initially to cut out a string of letters reprenting the beginning of the amino acid compostion of the NMDA receptor but that didn't work so well so I also cut out a simpler shape to make sure everything was working properly.