This week for apploications programming I first thought I would use my sonar board. But I was having problems getting everything to work properly because my design was a bit messed up. I first started by building one of the demo boards for the hall sensor. In the first video you can see that I tested my board using Neils program although I just altered the colors in the tkinter plot a bit. I then ended up streamed data from the hall sensor board into processing. Processing was surprisingly painless to use and I will definitely use it more in the future. I used python mode in processing and used the built in serial module in processing which meant that I didn't need to use pyserial as I was originally intending. In the second video you can see the output of the running processing script which mapped streamed data values from the hall sensor the the red hue intensity in the background. Just for fun I made the grid squares clickable as I was following along in some processing tutorials. My.Processing.Script