This week I wanted to make a series of networked sonar thermins or at some sort of distance controlled audio. First a build a test case which integrated the sonar distance sensing and the speaker output and tried to adapt the hello.bus board to work with it. I managed to get the hello.bus board to work but I had problems with my boards which returned strange responses on the serial port (I maintained the node print statements for debugging). Need to fix this problem for the project...

It was nice to get the networking working with Neils board but disappointing that I couldn't get it working for my speaker boards. I really need to work on this as networking is a fundemental part of my final project and I will need to figure out how to send different commands to different boards through the serial port for my idea to come to fruition.

UPDATE: Look a the final project to see working networked speaker boards! My project sends string from Processing to arduino and uses a set of headers and tail characters that are unique to each node so that individual boards can distinguish which messages are just for them and which messages they need to ignore!