For my composite week I noticed that most people in previous years had ended up with somewhat amorphous objects unless they went far beyond what I had time for this week. Since I was somewhat excited about doing more 3 axis machining I opted to make a very intricate shape which was then covered in a thin layer of fabric soaked resin.

It is still pretty awesome when the 3 axis machining works. I had a lot of fun watching it mill my ripple patterns!

Next I laid out strips of fabric (my best chance of getting any of the features I thought) and brushed them with the epoxy resin mixture. I decided to leave the mold inside so I simply wrapped the styrofoam with the strips of fabric. It looks terrible! I needed my features to be way way way bigger in order to see anything at all. Next I wrapped with the bleeder and aeration layers and vacuum sealed the bag. Voila! Pretty easy to do but I think very very difficult to get something that looks good. You can see that in my amorphous cinnamon roll looking object which when compared to the stl is pretty amusing.