3D Scanning Study

In my first attempt my design was more complicated and the supports didn't generate properly

This week I was really interested in doing an iterative scanning and printing project to show how the details of my original CAD design would disappear as I continued to scan my product. This was inspired by the experiemtnal electronic music piece "I am sitting in a room" by Alvin Lucier. In this piece Lucier recorded himself saying a few sentences in a room and then recorded the playback of that recording in the same room recursively until the content of the speech became unrecognizable and eventually convereged to purely ambient tones. I didn't have time to recurse to oblivion but I did print and then scan a few times and got a pretty satisfying effect.

The scanning was pretty difficult and it took me more than an hour to get a scan that I was even happy with. The stitch feature in 3DS's software worked pretty well for the V2 but not the V1 and saved my some time since it was nearly impossible (at least for me) to get a complete scan of the entire three dimensional object. I don't really understand why the different scanners are so different it seems to me like the difficult part is to do the image processing which should happen in the software... So why would the quality of the scans vary so much between the V1 and the V2

I also printed a synfire chain (a chain of neurons connected asymetrically), an abstraction that my lab holds dear. In these models one set of neurons deterministically activates the next creating a sequence of activity of a fixed length.