Related work

This page gathers several links to ornithopter-related resources. There has been a substantial amount of work on drones, as well as flapping birds.

Source Relation Keywords
Ingrassia Daniele Flying quadcopters MultiWii, Flight controller, Sonar sensing
Ciurnelli Mattia Flying quadcopters Power distribution
Lambert Rulindana Winged copter Styrofoam wings
Rangholia Chirag Flying quadcopters Assembly, legs, multi-wii flight controller board
Zachary John Jackowski (mirror) Master Thesis on ornithopters Mechanical design, electrical design, control experiments, PD controller
Bionic bird Commercial ornithopter Design preview, shaper mechanism, wing motion and main gears
Toshitatsu Munakata Many creative designs 18-winged, super-lightweight, inspirations
Caltech bat robot Publication, flight control, complex design Science Robotics
Reciprocating motion Mechanical design Crank and piston and Scotch yoke
Mosfet tutorials Basics Mosfet as a switch, beginner tutorial
Types of gears Mechanical design
Ornithopter tutorials Basics Gears, Flapping mechanisms, Stability and control
Battery tutorial from Adafruit Basics CR123a, Lithium-Ion, Lipo, battery power, battery capacity, maximum current discharge
Youtube videos Inspirations RC plane that floats magically, a dragonfly with four wings, an 18-wings ornithopter