Week 12: Networking and Communications

"Priyanka Tries to Have Two Systems Talk to Each Other!"

For my twelfth assignment for How to Make (Almost) Anything, I tried to do as much as I could with getting two processors (either wired or wireless systems) to "talk" to each other. It was definitely a difficult task, but I am up to the challenge.

I first learned what it means for two systems to talk to each other, which is DEFINITELY NOT TRIVIAL. For my final project, I want to have the ability for commands sent from Bluetooth on a phone app dictate what LED colors on my LED shoe actually light up. I will ultimately want to set up a system where a board that I create communicates with my shoe LED array wirelessly.

I plan to use a Bluetooth Low Energy module to the board that can read voltage data and have a 5 pin header connected to a PWM output of the ATtiny44 so that I could send a 60 kHz simulated WWVB signal over the port to an antenna connected to the header. The board will then be connected to a 9V battery with wires. The NRF52 module can then connect to the 5 pin header.

I plan to also create a board that can sync with Bluetooth LE like the one shown below from Adafruit Industries:

The idea will be to do a Bluetooth connection between the low energy module and the bluetooth device in my iPhone, which can be read by a simple Bluetooth communications app already available on the App Store like LightBlue Explorer, and be able to control my LEDs in this way, like shown below:

Ultimately want to create something like below, where an LED matrix can be controlled over BLE to sync with an Android App.

To be continued!


Since it is crunch time, I wasn't able to go ahead with the BLE interface, nor anything wireless. But this is ok, because not only will I be delving into BLE / other wireless communication technology after the class (because, why not? and how cool!), for the class, I have decided to stick with wired communication between two devices -- My Computer (with signals from an app I created on it) and My Final Project Shoe.