Week 5: Computer Controlled Milling

"Priyanka Learns HOW TO MAKE Something BIG!"

For my fifth assignment for How to Make (Almost) Anything, I decided to make a revolving shoe display case, but it is still a work in progress. Here is the progress made so far...

Since I want to make a rotating structure, I went ahead and bought a 12'' lazy susan bearing on Amazon:

Figure 1: Ordering a Lazy Susan Bearing

Then I went ahead and started sketching out the idea on paper.

Figure 2: Sketch Idea for My Shoe Rack

Then I transferred the design components onto Inkscape (I will be also CADing it in Onshape shortly)

Figure 3: Design Layout in Inkscape

Finally, I imported my design onto the ShopBot CNC router program at the IDC in the MIT Museum building, and got some cuts done.

Figure 4: ShopBot Code

Figure 5: Starting the ShopBot

Figure 6: The ShopBot starts Cutting!

Figure 7: Some Finished Cuts

More cuts, and a finished product to come! Please see my Final Project Documentation page for more! :)