Week 5: Computer Controlled Milling

"Priyanka Tries to Make Something BIG!"

For my fifth assignment for How to Make (Almost) Anything, I decided to make a revolving shoe display case, but it is still a work in progress. Here is the progress made so far...

Since I want to make a rotating structure, I went ahead and bought a 12'' lazy susan bearing on Amazon:

Ordering a Lazy Susan Bearing

Then I went ahead and started sketching out the idea on paper.

Sketch Idea for My Shoe Rack

Then I transferred the design components onto Inkscape (I will be also CADing it in Onshape shortly)

Design Layout in Inkscape

Finally, I imported my design onto the ShopBot CNC router program at the IDC in the MIT Museum building, and got some cuts done.

ShopBot Code

Starting the ShopBot

The ShopBot starts Cutting!

Some Finished Cuts

More cuts, and a finished product to come! Please see my Final Project Documentation page for more! :)