the one we did as a group


software I attempted not to break: fusion, rhino

hardware I attempted not to break: shark mill

----group project yay!----

I'm really excited for this week. I like working in groups and I'm excited to get to know more of the EECS section. Unfortunately I'm leaving after this weekend and our lab isn't open for the first few days, so I won't be able to do much of the actual machining/assembling. But I am on the design team, so I get to actually design the machine and make decisions. Terrifying.

----help how does one make a machine----

The EECS section decided to make a delta picker, so Andrew, Priya, and I met up with Jake on Saturday while our lab was closed to beg him to help us design our machine. He was the one who suggested the delta picker and made it sound really cool, and thankfully he was able to help us design it. We made sketches on the board and decided which of us would do what part. I made a page on the EECS wiki that contains everything we talked about and discussed during the meeting.

Then, we split up to actually make the files. Since Priya is a meche, she felt comfortable doing the physics and deciding what sizes everything should be and making sure that everything would be supported enough. Andrew and I split up the CAD-ding with him doing the plates and end effector and me making the rails and carriages for the motors. Unfortunately all of us had to leave Sunday night and our lab only opened in the afternoon on Sunday, so we basically had to make the files, send them to the rest of the group, and hope for the best. I was able to go in for a few hours on Sunday to explain our design and files in person and help get started milling things on the Shark. You can see the rest of our group's work and the final outcome here!